Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Course in Miracles T-12.VII.5.5

A Course in Miracles

…and as you look out so will you see in. 

When I think I see you, 
I'm really seeing myself.

All that I believe I see in you 
is actually what I see in myself.

That which I judge about you,
is that which I am judging about myself.

When I condemn you, 
I am really condemning myself.

When I sneer at you, 
I am actually sneering at myself.

That which I fear about you,
is that which I fear about myself.

What I scoff at about you,
is that which I scoff at about myself.

As I recognize the love within you,
I am recognizing the love within myself.

As I forgive you, 
 I am forgiving myself.

As I see the light that radiates from within you, 
I am recognizing the light that radiates from within me.

As I see the Christ within you, 
I am aware of the Christ within me.

As I recognize that you ARE love
I remember that I AM love.



Therein lies the Path to Peace.
Therein lies the Peace of God.

Photos by Barb Adams (c)

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