Thursday, July 23, 2015

This world is an attempt to prove your innocence, while cherishing attack. ACIM F.I.P. Second Edition/T-26.VII.12.5

What is this world? And what is the real world?

This world is the planet on which we perceive that everything and everyone around us is separate from ourselves and separate from God.  On a day-to-day basis, we fear attack whether verbally or physically. We find moments of happiness and fulfillment only to wonder when the clouds will again cover the sun. We envision ourselves needing to create forms of protection where we escape to our fortresses that become our tombs.

In this world, in which we struggle silently or overtly for survival, we see a beginning and an end, birth then death. We compete in order to feel complete. We fight to prove we’re right. We live in the past or the future as we willingly take commands from our boisterous ego. And, at the end of the day in this temporal frame of mind, we are exhausted, only to begin our marathon on this hamster wheel we call life.

What are the tapes that play in our heads? “You can find peace, but only at the expense of others.” Or, “Love your neighbor, but give him the finger if he cuts you off in traffic.” Perhaps, “Find serenity among those like you, but be careful of them.” Sometimes, “Pray for world peace, but build a military might that can annihilate the planet.”

Is there a better way? Is there another world where attack is not the norm and judgment is not the modus operandi?

If you seek it you will find it. If you choose the real world, you can gain entry, become a citizen where no passport is needed. All you need to cross the border is simply a little bit of willingness to change your mind.

 And upon entry, what will you discover? Peace, joy, grace, unconditional love, arms wide-open in full acceptance. You’ll remember that you are one with your brothers and sisters and therefore feel no need to judge or attack. You’ll feel the majestic presence of The One, Our Source, Our Creator and Giver of Life without end. You will find…your true Home.

Photos by Barb Adams (c) 2014