Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Letter from God

 A Letter from God

To:       All of God's Creations
Date:   Eternity
Time:  Doesn’t exist
Re:      Love, Light, Wholeness, Unity, Forgiveness, Truth

My Dearest Beloved,           

When I created you, I extended My Spirit and formed your essence. You were neither separate from Me nor removed from Me. You were, are, and will always be an extension of Me, as I am of you. We are One.

The pain that you have been carrying around with you, although it has felt very real, does not exist except within your mind. For as long as you nurture the pain, in pain you shall remain. However, when you choose to release your perception of the world, Spirit will hear your call and will remove any shred of doubt of your Oneness with Me.

Your perception of yourself has resulted in you choosing to form a foundation of perceived weakness, vulnerability and powerlessness.  Again, this is not real, nor true, but a belief that you hold deep within your mind on which you have formed the basis of your relationship with others.  As you interact with those around you and you perceive that they do not share your ‘rules,’ you have reacted by getting angry when in fact what you were perceiving was that you were weak, vulnerable and powerless.  As a result, you feared that your foundation would crumble. You chose to attack before being attacked.

You have perceived yourself as standing on the shore of a rising, raging river and, in an attempt to protect yourself, you have blinded yourself to your true power.

My love, since you are One with Me, you have already been saved, but as Spirit whispers this in your ear, only you are capable of acknowledging the truth.  

I invite you to recognize your strong foundation.  A foundation made of LOVE, LIGHT, STRENGTH, and POWER.  Have the vision to see that together you and I are the Bricks and Mortar of this invulnerable base that supports your life. 

I am you and you are Me, my love. If you perceive yourself as vulnerable and weak, then you are sending Me a message that you believe I am the same.  We both know this not to be True.  In our Unity, We are STRONG, LOVING, and CAPABLE.  We are Light. We are Love.

Dear One, the answer is simple, but your will must be strong.  Offer yourself up to Me.  Rid yourself of your false perception of yourself.  It does not exist unless you choose to give it life. Do not mourn its passing.  Instead, celebrate your true journey Home.

Forgive yourself, love yourself and extend your forgiveness and love to all of our brothers and sisters.  In this way, you will finally be free to be.

With Love Abounding,

Photos by Barb Adams (c)

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