Monday, June 9, 2014

"I AM, I said."

“I Am,” I said.

Title borrowed from the Neil Diamond song of the same name.

Master: “The Truth will set you free”. John 8:32

Student: “What is Truth?”

Master: “Truth is the Eternal Existence of God, or if you prefer to use the symbol, Source; Oneness with All that Is; Divine Love; Light, Abundance, Joy, and Grace. Truth is Now, the Reality that time and space, illusions of the mind, do not exist.

Student: “OK.  So, the Truth will set me free from what?”

Master: “Fear.”

Student: And what is fear?

Master: Fear is a reaction to forgetting our Truth.  

Student: When we forget our Truth we become fearful? I’m not quite sure I understand.

Master: Fear is the illusion that the Truth of our identity is not Love. Fear is the attempt to move forward in the darkness while losing sight of Truth. Fear shows itself as an attack on oneself or others, on that which does not exist.

Student: That’s pretty heavy. So, what is darkness?

Master: Darkness is the illusion of the absence of Light. Darkness is being in a state of forgetfulness of Truth.

Student: You seem to speak in riddles, Master.  Please tell me, what is Light?

Master: Light is an aspect of Truth. Or, Truth is an aspect of Light. It is an Expression of the Eternal Existence of God, our Source. Light reflects the Oneness of All that Is through Divine Love. Abundance, Joy, and Grace are Rays of the Light of Truth. Light exists in Reality, not in the illusion of time and space.

Student: Ah, I think I’m starting to get it.  So, I guess the biggest question of all is, what is God?

Master: My student, as you study and apply the teachings, you will return to provide me with your definition of God. For now, I can give you only the abridged version of that which you ask. This is because attempting to define God, our Source would take more Knowledge than even the Masters comprehend. For now, I offer you this:

God, or our Source is Eternal Existence, the Creator and the Expression of Oneness with All that Is. God is Divine Love, Light, Abundance, Joy, and Grace. In the Reality of Now, God Exists in all Creations and all Creations Exist in God. To recognize God is to recognize Truth.





Updated: October 23, 2017


  1. I'm a fan of Neil Diamond so you caught my attention right away! :) Great way to narrow down what fear is- the absence of God. But how can what is changeless and eternal BE absent? If God is NOT absent, than fear is present ONLY because we are misperceiving. If only we can remember this when fear arises!

    1. Ah, of course, God is never absent, only our perception that God is absent when we allow fear to blind us to God's presence. Yes?

      Thank you, Teacher.
      Love, your Student

  2. Misperceiving is non perceiving.

    1. Misperceiving is a double negation of Truth performed in the darkness.