Monday, May 4, 2015

I Am Not Yet Ready

I Am Not Yet Ready

Relearning ancient teachings that seem new may create challenges and anxiety.  

While seeking enlightenment move sure-footed along the path in the comfort that you are headed in the right direction.  Accept that which resonates with you as you reclaim your innate Wisdom.  

Discard and turn away from fear, anger, guilt and judgment.  

And for those threads of Knowledge that seem impenetrable, set them lovingly aside and say, "I am not yet ready but I offer my willingness in the trust that the All Knowing will recognize my openness and place Vision safely on my path as I joyously turn and greet Him like an old friend Whom I had known all along."

Inspired by a conversation at a recent ACIM retreat
where, in frustration, a friend said, "I just don't get that!"

And an inspired Answer from W-131
A Course in Miracles
The Foundation for Inner Peace
Second Edition

Retreat offered by Patti Fields and Sabra DeForest
Both pictures by Barbara Franco Adams (c) 2012