Monday, October 19, 2015

What Do I Choose to See?

By looking through my body’s eyes 
and perceiving with my wrong-mind

I see a world of illusions,

 Of hate, separation, fear, discrimination, attack and vengeance.

If I allow myself to judge my brothers and sisters 
and make them special.

I either embrace them in higher esteem, or

I hold them below me and laud my accomplishments 
and false beliefs over them.

By looking at the world through my body’s eyes
and perceiving with my wrong-mind,

I plug into the interpretations of ego.

I place this false idol on the throne 
and bow to her self-heralded greatness.

Through this I suffer.

Through this I insist that my brothers and sisters suffer.

“But wait,” says Christ.

(He whispers in my ear.)

“Wait, My sister. You have a choice:

Between suffering by choosing judgment and specialness, or

Love through forgiveness with its promised gifts of peace and joy.

Through Christ Vision you offer these gifts 
to not only your brothers and sisters,

But you gain them all for yourself.


What you give you receive.

Which do you choose?”

“Oh, my Blessed Christ! I choose Love.

I choose to walk with You, to follow You, to hold Your Hand.

I choose to see others with Christ Vision

So that when I look at my brothers and sisters,

I look upon them with corrected, 20/20 True Perception.”

“By viewing through Your eyes, hearing with Your ears 
and reaching out with Your hands,

I will see the Truth of my brothers and sisters, 
and of myself.

I will hear the Truth of their words.

I will feel the Truth of their Love as we hold on to each other

And walk as One with You.

I choose You, Dear Christ!

I choose, You.”

Photos and blog by
Barbara Franco Adams

October 2015