Monday, May 26, 2014

Being at Peace

Being at peace is accepting our Oneness with our Source.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Music Equals...

Music = depth of feeling, excitement, passion, joining, creating, sharing, joy.

It’s always been part of who I am.  Music is a pathway into my soul.  Come to think of it, it’s more like a two-way street.  What I feel, I often express through singing, songwriting, playing guitar, piano or drums.  Out I send it into the ether!  What happens after that is up to the Universe. 

Then, at rare moments my environment serves me up an auditory delight. The unique mix causes me to put on the brakes, to literally pause.  When that sound catches my attention, when that series of notes, rests, crescendos, and rhythms transfer my attention from out there to in here, all circuits light up.  The highway to Heaven has opened its gates to me.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Out There or In Here?

Out There or 
In Here?

Inspired by, “I seek but what belongs to me in truth.”  ACIM W.104

I seek out there for  
what I already possess in here.

I scratch and claw in a frenzy out there for  
Peace that lies waiting to be claimed  in here.

I garishly laugh aloud out there in search of  
the calming Joy that awaits my notice in here.

I feverishly seek attachment, contentment and commitment out there while  
Love calls to me from in here.

I worship idols, follow rules and commit to dogma out there as  
my Source whispers Knowledge to me from in here.

I seek explanations, reasons and answers out there when 
the Answers are right in here.

I grope around in the dark out there while  
the Light illumines me from in here.

I seek out there for  
 what I already possess in here.

Top photo taken by Barb Adams (c)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I Know I'm Not Green Because I Know Who I Am

I Know I’m Not Green Because I Know Who I Am
How often have we accepted another person’s opinion of ourselves?  Or, how many times have we succumbed to another,s actions against us and taken on the guilt of their misdeeds?
I have certainly been among the group of us who has internalized another's words or actions and have even dragged these memories through the remnants of war with me for decades.
How has this practice contributed to my lack of esteem or the manner in which I diminish my Self?  More to the point, how have I colluded with others to rob myself of Self-love, love of others and acknowledgement of the True Love of my Source?
Recently when I was trying to explain this habit of accepting others perceived opinions of ourselves, I used this example: “If someone told you that you were green, would you readily accept it or knowingly smile and say, ‘You may believe that I’m green but I’m not buying it because I know that it’s not true and that’s not what I am.  I am not green.’”  I used this illustration because of how obviously ludicrous it is.
We’d disregard this person’s assessment of ourselves because deep within our hearts we’d know the truth.  And furthermore, without hesitation and without verbally attacking the other, we’d simply state our internalized truth.
So why then, when we perceive that someone has cast dispersions our way or physically assaulted us, do we accept their words or actions as an indictment of our Self, take it all in and internalize the words or actions and the guilt as part of who we are?
When we know the truth of who we are, when we know that we are One with God, we know that we are not green.  Or stated another way, If God is Love and we are One with God, then we are Love.  If A=B and B=C, then A=C.
No one.  No how.  Nothing can hurt God.  Therefore: No one.  No how.  Nothing can hurt us. Our true essence is the Light of God.  Our identity is not our bodies, nor is it even our brains or our intelligence.  Our true identity is the frequency that radiates equally between God, other souls and our Self.  Our Oneness.
One of my favorite movies is Moonstruck.  Each of the characters has their words of wisdom to share with us if we truly listen. Such a moral precept was stated by, Rose Castorini, played by Olympia Dukakis.  On a cold winter evening Rose was being walked home by Perry, a younger gentleman, she had met at her favorite Italian restaurant.  As Perry stands shivering outside Rose’s big house in Brooklyn, he asks her to invite him in.  Rose declines. 
“You won’t ask me in because you’re married?” asks Perry.
“I’m not going to invite you in.  Not because I’m married, but because I know who I am.”

I know I’m not green because I know who I am.
Top photo taken by Barb Adams (c)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

There is an Old ego that Lives in My Head


There is an Old ego that Lives in My Head


There is an old ego that lives in my head,

has multiple voices.  I often feel dread.


Been trying to tame her and drag her on down.

“I got you,” I scolded.  She screeched like a clown.


“Shut up!” I would tell her.  “Stop screaming at me.”

“Your voice is so loud.  I’ll never be free!”


“I know,” I once offered, “I’ll smother your face.

And then I’ll be happy and claim my own space.”


She sat there so stubborn, so smug and aloof,

tempting and taunting, and claiming her truth.


And, almost as sure as I was of her sound,

a Light caught my eye and turned me around.


“Just ask me, dear one.  I’m the truth of God’s Voice

I’ll tell you what’s real and offer true choice.


“For all you need know is that I am your Guide.

I’m always right with you. I’m here by your side.”


“Don’t fret with confusion and call yourself bad.

Remember the Truth. Feel joyous!  Feel glad!


“Let ego be other than temptress and foe,

her voice is a call to remember, Me so.”


“I’m here to remind you there’s nothing to fear.

Just ask for my input, be silent and hear…


“…that I’ll guide you and love you and offer you peace.

My Word is your comfort.  Your worries will cease.”


“I love you, my sister, we’re one with our Source

Our joining’s a given.  Our direction’s on Course.”


Rev. Barbara Adams, M.S. Ed., O.M.C

Rochester, NY

(585) 633-8769

Sunday, May 18, 2014

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My First Blog

How do you answer so many calls? My family. My faith, my love of writing, singing, songwriting and performing. The joy of movement and exploration. Creating. Developing. It’s the good news/bad news because it seems like my mind never stops. And then, Ah…I remember: Find that quiet place in my mind. Pause, even for an instant, reflect, ask, invite and wait to receive. That’s it. Thank you.