Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Poem Based on, "I bless the world because I bless myself." W-187 A Course in Miracles

A Poem Based on
I bless the world because I bless myself. W-187 A Course in Miracles

“What will I give her?” I ask of myself.

By giving it away it is gone from my shelf.

Will it be lost?

Never again to be seen?”

“Impossible.  Can’t happen.” ("Your answer’s quite keen.")

“What you give is truth, unconditional love.

You’re offering your spirit

And the Peace of the Dove.”

“Will it hurt me,” I ask. “Will sacrifice prevail?”

“How can it, Dear Child, when already you ail.

When you give, you receive, filled with pure ecstasy.

Nothing like it on earth

In your mind you’ll be free.”

“And I’ll teach you, I’ll guide you, I’ll show you The Way

To offer your brother, your sister each day:

Forgiveness.  Non-judgment.  The light of your heart.

From what I am teaching, that’s a pretty good start.”

“I’ll try it,” I said.

“What’d you say is Your Name?

You offer me insights.

There’s much You proclaim!”

“Call me Spirit.  Try Source.  Or, God, if you must.

Doesn’t matter to Me, as long as you trust

That together we travel.  Together we live

In the peace of our offering.  In the joy that we give.”
This is what I understand today. Barb
 Pictures by Barb Adams (c)

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