Thursday, July 3, 2014

6336 on 7.3.14

 6336 on 7.3.14

This is just amazing!  I’ve been blogging on this site for less than two months. Yet, as of this writing, I’ve had 6336 page views.  My readers are from the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil, Malaysia, and El Savador!  I'm blown away by this!!

Simply from a communication point of view, to think that one could reach out and touch this many people in such distant corners of the earth in less than 60 days is a bit much to take in.

From a spiritual point of view, I shouldn’t even bat an eye.  Because we are indeed ONE, the vibrations that I put out into the Universe would, of course connect with others, would connect with you.

I would love for you, my new friends, to be alerted to each blog that I post. To do so, please click “follow.”

And, I would love for you, my old friends who have not already clicked on “follow,” to please also do so, AND invite another friend to do the same. 

We have much to share.
We have much to learn.
We have much to celebrate.

This is sent with love from,

Barb/Bobbi/Mom/Nonna/Aunt/and (as someone asked yesterday if he could call me) Babs. 

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