Thursday, March 19, 2015

There Is Another Way of Perceiving the World.

There Is Another Way of Perceiving the World.1

What would happen if we were to:

Replace fear with Love.

Replace guilt with Innocence.

Replace judgment with Truth.

Replace conflict with Peace.

Replace anger with Joy.

Replace damnation with Salvation.

Replace ego thoughts with Spirit’s Wisdom.

As we replace darkness with Light

we are lifting our brothers and sisters above the fray,

and by so doing

resurrecting ourselves.

As we look upon others we perceive our own projections:

Project our own fear and we perceive fear in others.

Project our own love and we perceive love in others.

Nothing that lives “in here”

can help but affect what is “out there.”


Nothing we put “out there”

can help but affect what is “in here.”

To give and receive are one in truth.1

That which we give is that which we receive.

(Because) I have invented the world I see 2

(I now remember that) there is another way of looking at the world.3

All photos by Barb Adams 2014

 A Course in Miracles:
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